Billionaire lost love

I have written a book, first one actually to my amazement I never thought I could do it but I did. It’s a love story yes about a billionaire that finally found that one woman that turns his world upside down. His love of his life, but Max never believe in love and it’s scares him. When he finally gets what he wanted from he runs and leaves her. Even though the live in the same city their paths never cross until one day his brother Josh tells him that he needs to attend fundraiser for Harrison Construction. Three years have passed he could never get Megan Harrisson out of his mind that is when he decided that he was going to take the chance and pursue her again. This time he was going for the greatest price ever will Megan ever forgive him for what he did or will she just tell him; you had your chance and you lost it. Who knows what the future will hold, but Max Pierce is determined to get her back at all cost

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