Writing editing re-writing Billionaire Lost Love.

i love to read, so in 2013 I decided to write, I know I posted last year, but the hardest thing is wanted something so bad that you are willing to do anything for it. Money always seems to be issue, I don’t want to fail this book I want this to be the best.  I have great friends that believe in me and family. I believe in my story of max and Megan I even went as far to write a fourth manuscript but I but it on hold to re-write my first.  I’m determined by end of year that this will be publish. I had someone do a proofread and it needed to be tweaked a little but I thinks it’s going to be better.  I will never be a Melody Ann or j. Kenner or holly.m Ward because those ladies rock..  They inspired me everyday and I hope one day I have the privilege to met them.  Megan and Max story is amazing and I hope one day I can share this story with everyone.   Tonight I just started the re-write of chapter thirty two… But I feel that there is something missing there is too much dialogue and I need to get into Megan head what she is thinking.. I will get there but I never knew how hard it could be ….hope to have it finished soon…. 

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