Billionaire’s lost love

when I first wrote Max and Megan I visioned, a man going after want he couldn’t have, but I soon realized that Megan fought against her own sorrow’s and lost. She buried herself in work until the one day she met up with the man that broke her heart. But the one thing she didn’t plan on is her heart craving him all over again, she loved him still. On the re-write I’m doing I hope it’s going to be better than it was.  There was one thing that didn’t occur to her is that Max had enemies. Max enemies soon found out that the easiest way to get to him was through her.  Hopefully soon I can share this story with the world. I know this post may not reach many which is kind of new to me, blogging is not something that I do.

I want this book to be awesome and I hope people will like it because I have 3 more that will follow, I will bring back the characters in each book with all their own battles and love.

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