publishing first book

I know I do not have followers, and I know that I’m not the most experience person for blogging.  The thing is that, I want this book to be awesome. I believe that my story about Max and Megan, how the meet, how he fails her in the beginning, and also how he fights for her again to win her love back, to see that spark in her eyes again. But there is one thing that Megan doesn’t know about; like any successful Alpha Man Billionaire, being the best at what he does and powerful he has enemies; But there are always people, that hate what he stand for and come after him. But Max never took these threats personally, its business, you lose some and you win some.  I cannot wait to share this book with everyone and just hope that you fall in love with it.

Right now, I’ve heard from my publisher that is helping me to self-publish.. I know I’m paying for service, but when you do not know anything about publishing, they are guiding me. I hope in a way that its going to be best for me.  Right now its in the Editing process.. which take time and I have to be patient. I should hear back from them in about 2 weeks, then I review again and see what they have change, but I have the final say.

I never thought I could have wrote a manuscript, 410 pages worth, not just one but almost three of them – I love that thought about bringing back characters from one novel to the next showing the love that grows between two people.. in this first novel, they told me that would be a big, that I should split it up, so that is what I have done. Basically the first book I believe its about Second Chances. I was thinking about leaving it as the original tittle (Billionaire Lost Love) but I’m second guessing myself about the tittle. I believe that in second chances, depending on what you are being forgiven, in this particular case, my heart went out to Max and he fight for a second chance with Megan, but is she willing to give him that, she fights her own demons deep down but only time will tell.  I will keep everyone posted.


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