Billionaire’s Love

Hi all.. well I’ve been editing these last few months.. and it’s finally coming together. I’m so excited that this is happening.  I have decided to change the title to Billionaire’s Love.. once you see the cover I have chosen for the cover book you will understand why. I know that I haven’t posted much lately but.. it’s coming soon.. Max and Megan will finally be on e-readers and also print. i know it’s huge right for someone that never wrote anything in her life.. I’m please to say that everyone at Friesen Press have been awesome. they made my store flow better and it’s looking better. Vanessa, thank you for your patience with me. This world of writing is a whole new world to me, thank  you for guiding me, I do not think I could have done this without your guidance.. the cover you found, totally rock’s I love it. it’s sexy, mysterious, and hot.. soon I will be able to post this on the website..

So to everyone out there that is willing to read my story it should be out soon.. I should be able to give due date soon..


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