Billionaire’s Love

Hi all… just a small update.. Billionaire’s Love (vol 1) is in it’s final proofread.. I’m working on the cover and back cover right now.. once that get’s finalized I cannot wait to give a sneak peak of what the cover will look like.. I’m almost finish Vol. 2 re-write.. because we had decided to go with 3 books.. I had to change things around a bit… so sneak peak at the title for vol 2 (Billionaire’s Forgivness)… I’m still working on the 3rd titles.. of the Pierce and Harrison Series… — there will be more after this one.. followed by Brandon, then Joe.. I’m still working on how to work ELS Security into the mix… with Luc Ellis and Henry O’Neil.. it’s so fun to create new characters and have them in all the book.. so you know that my characters will have cameo’s in the series.. I just love it.. everyone has demons that they might fight against  I believe.. Well will post something more concrete.. on the first one once I have estimate date of publishing.. whoooo.hoooo it’s coming.. I’ve never thought that this would take so long… Editing.. is brutal… and long.. to think there are authors out there that write .. like 10 in one year. .that is freaking incredible … working on one is incredible.. but 10 that ROCKS… anyway.. will post more soon.. today I’m going to see my Hotty.. Henry Cavill.. in Superman.. .. so Happy Easter.. everyone.

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