Billionaire’s Love

Hi all,  after months and months of editing.. here is an exerpt from Billionaire’s Love:

She had read the note over and over again and just didn’t understand what was going on. She looked out in the distance and watched as the waves crashed against the shore and wondered how she could have been so stupid as to fall in love with a man who was only after one thing. He left me a damn note! How low is that? Megan thought as she ripped it up and let the wind blow the pieces of paper away. She wiped a tear away from her cheek. I just thought he was different. I really thought that he truly cared for me. He said all the right things; he treated me with respect, and he didn’t force himself on me. I gave it away willingly; I just thought he cared enough to take this further. I guess I was a fool for believing his lies. I won’t make that mistake again. I’m broken up inside, my pride has been hurt, my heart broken…but I will never forget this, and I will never trust another man again. “Megan, I’m so sorry, honey. I know you’re hurting right now. He didn’t deserve you,” Lizzie said. Megan looked at her friend. “Liz, I’m sorry I ruined your day. I didn’t mean to burden you with this.” “Oh, honey, you’re my friend. I can see that he hurt you. If I ever run into him, I’ll cut his balls off and put them through the blender.” Megan laughed. “Thank you for being there for me, Lizzie. I still can’t understand why I fell so hard for this guy. As soon as I touched him, it was as if a spark went through my body; I just knew that I needed to be with him. Thanks for being here with me and not judging me for the poor way I handled this, and just being my friend.” “Girls! Are you ready to go?


stay tunes.. more to come.. I have just heard that i should have a due date for pre-order in about 14 days.. so I would think early August Max and Megan.. will be out there.. cheers all

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