Billionaire’s Love

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the warm thought and congrat’s on my New Release . I should say my first official release, everyone kind words are much appreciated.

Billionaire’s Love, started three years ago, I knew one day I would have it published. But I just didn’t know when. The last 8 months have been hard, Editing is the longest procedure when you are writing. (Write, Re-write, proofread), it takes time and I never thought that it would finally get done.

When talking to my account manager at Friesen Press.. Ebook are out and available, for the Hardcopy and Paperback, you will not be able to purchase them till another Five week, meaning from Amazon, Chapter .. etc… but you can through Friesen Press, I have included the Link above, they print on demand and you are able to get it much faster.

I have a surprise for everyone tomorrow stay tune..

have a great night everyone.






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