Billionaire’s love

Hi all..

I was checking out the site tonight and I received my first review.. thank you Michelle…

I appreciated what you wrote.. remember this is fiction.. Max is a very dominate man and he goes after what he wants.  In regards to bitches.. I do not mean any harm on it.. it’s just two best friends that are talking to each other, I’ve said this a few time through the years, but do not mean any harm, I will be careful for the next time, I appreciated what you are saying.

Errors – you cannot imagine how many time I read and re-read this store, I even had a few friends that read it and they failed to see it also.. Editors, proofread and this was professional doing it. Human eyes make errors, when the book came out silly me I had to be the first to buy it, that is when I seen the errors and it was too late for correction.

(Trilogies) When I first went to Friesen Press discussing pricing, I had no clue, what price range it would be.  What I had wrote was beyond costly for my first. So the agent convinced me to be more affordable if I split it up in three books instead of.  Editor do not like when author’s break up the books, because they believe that it should be full story, but this was my call.

I doubt that someone would pay $50 dollars for a book of an author that they do not know, I truly believe in this story and I promise you if this goes well. Billionaire’s Forgiveness will be published hopefully before the end of the year. Who knows I just make this two volumes… instead of three i’m still debating on this.

Anyway thanks again Michelle for your honest input, thanks for the 3 stars..

Remember all.. please leave review, I appreciate the feed back and this will help me for the next one.


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