Billionaire’s Love

HI all.. have you seen.. yes GIVEAWAY ..WHOO..HOO.. who doesn’t like a free gift.. remember.. all it takes is to share it and like it…. I’ve seen many people already sharing and liking, keep doing it,  keep it going.. I love it.. FREE AUTOGRAPH COPY..contest end AUGUST 30… This is my first GIVEAWAY.. and the odd could be anyone fan based is not high yet.. — it could be you.. or one of your friend.  For my international friends.. sorry but this is only for Canada – but you can find it anywhere on Nook, Amazon/Kindle/ Google Play/ Friesen Press.. unless you have a family member in Canada that I could ship it to if you want to enter, let me know.. so your name can be entered.. Contest apply for all the Canadian city.

So don’t wait, sign up today… I’m hoping to have my website up and running soon, I will let you know as soon as it’s up..

So have amazing Sunday night… watching a classic.. Smoky and the Bandit.. now how dreamt of having a Trans-Am with the Eagle .. I know I did.



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