Billionaire’s Love

Have you met Megan Harrison yet, youngest of four siblings. Working in a man’s world, is not easy. She can stand on her own, when fighting for what she believe in. She’s the best in her field and no one messes with her. But, is she strong enough to fight that one person, that one man, that turned her world upside down. After three years is she strong enough, to tell him what she thinks, when their paths meet again.

Read it and see for yourself..

Max Pierce, Alpha, Business Tycoon, that doesn’t take no for answer, he wants Megan and he will stop at nothing to win her back.  With a smile that makes most women take a second look, and when he has you trapped under his spell, you cannot help but to lose yourself in those  emerald green eyes. The world around you doesn’t exist.

Billionaires love – you can be purchased: (Friesens press – amazon – chapters/indigo -) for ebook’s: kindle/Itunes/nook/google play/ BN/kobo. around the world

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