Billionaire’s Love


HI all.. just a few more day’s to go till September 30.. Cancer effect everyone, Sister, Mother, Father, Brother, Aunt, Uncle. Best Friend… and the list goes on. I want to give back, I was lucky enough to get the this book published..  I will Donate $1 to Cancer, because every dollar counts when someone you love is diagnoses with this.

Hardcopy and Paperback only  Available at Friesen Press – Amazon and Chapter-Indigo.

You can also contact me directly if you wish to have autograph copy.

Little incentive – Max looking down at Megan for the 1st time: He was mesmerized by her beauty, staring at every feature of her face, when suddenly, he had the urge to kiss her. She had taken his breath away. All he had to do was to lean in and capture those luscious lips of hers. But he didn’t. She was smiling back at him; her face was flushed, and he felt her breathing heavily. But the moment he heard her sweet, soft voice, it was like an angel singing to him.

Update.. I’ve reached out to Indigo.. which is Chapters.. they told me the best way is to contact the store directly for book signing.. so I will check that out, I have nothing to lose right?

Tonight,  I have reached out to RWAC.. which is Romance Writers Associating. here in Halifax, hopeful I can sit in on one of their meeting.. would love to join this group.  I will keep you posted.

It’s extremely important for any Author: REVIEWS.. if you have read this book Billionaire’s Love — please write Review it’s important.. it’s about you the fan’s to share it – good or bad, people want to know. Goodreads, Amazon/KIndle, kobo, google play, ITunes.. I want to hear what you think.  What do you think may happen in the next book Billionaire’s Forgiveness.. I should have more feedback on the published date on this one, I’m still in negotiation.. with the Publishing company.. we should hear something in October..

thank you all Share it .. .spread the word .. have them join my Facebook page..




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