Who is your favorite Author or Authors

What I’m about to write is un-official and these Authors have no clue I’m doing this.

1st I like to thank Mr. Mrs. Moran for making reading and writing fun and sometimes scary. LOL..

I’ve always love to read, in high school, Mr. Moran made reading fun when we were reading Shakespeare or John Steinbeck – Mice and men he made reading interactive, made the student interact get them involved in the story by reading a paragraph. Let me say that when you are shy and you are reading out loud in the classroom it could be intimidating, but we had to suck it up and do it, I swear I hated it. I’ve always enjoyed reading after that, he made reading fun.

Mrs. Moran was our composition teacher:  Mr. Moran was easy going but Mrs. Moran was a little tougher, she scared me most of the time because she wanted perfection.  I will always respect them both till this day they will always be a part of me. She made me love to write.

During the summer months, I’ve alway taken the time to read at least one book if I could, but about three years ago my Beautiful Niece Gabrielle, told me, “you should read Twilight.” Which I did and yes love it, I remember in school that I loved to read about vampires and who didn’t right! Anyway, one thing led to another and my friend Lynn at work got me hooked to Fifty Shade of Grey Series, then Sylvia Day her Angel, and Werewolves and Dark Angel Series, I still believe we are missing the last part of that Series.  Crossfire Series (Gideon and Eva) is a must read I truly love that Series and who knows she may bring them back.

Other great Authors I love and respect and I try to read all of their books are:

Melody Anne: I love her: The Anderson Series, what I like is how she blends in the family from one book to another. She very family oriented which I love. Joseph and George Anderson plot to find a bride for their sons. It’s funny, touching, sometimes you just feel that you are crying with them and laughing along with the also. She has so many great series and I hope you check her out.

Bella Andre: as like Melody, Bella has the Sullivans, also family oriented what each family goes through.  You have to read this series I swear you will not put a book down.

J. Kenner aka Julie Kenner. she has so many books writing that I have not read still. I recommend that you read Stark Trilogy but there is more than 3 now I believe maybe 6 or is it 7 books now with Damien and Nikki. I just love this series, how two people fight their own inner demons to make them whole, they are so good together that you will fall in love with them. Also Jackson Steele and the last I’ve just finish Dallas Sykes the S.I.N series just love it. If you have never read her books, you have too I swear you will love her.

H.M.Ward: I must say that Holly I truly love her writing if you have not read the Ferro brother’s yet what are you waiting for. To name a few The Arrangements Series, Damage Series, Stripe Series, Life of Trystan Scott. I promise you, she is amazing, she will have you frustrated, she will have you laughing, she will have you screaming from one book to another.  Once you start reading her stories you will not but the book down, she rock’s as a writer she is so different from the other women. She brings her characters to life you just want to reach out and touch them .. hey  maybe even sniff them because they are that yummy… I know you would properly look funny sniffing your Ipad or kobo or kindle but I a swear to you Holly is amazing. Check her out you will fall in love with the Ferro’s.

Needless to say, these women, in some way or form encourage me to write. I have read so many books since 2013 I lost count. So this is how Billionaire’s Love started it was writing 3 years ago, but it took me almost two and half years to get the published started. Thank you,  you are all inspirations to me without you knowing, I just hope one day I have a chance to meet you all.



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