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A year ago to date, my wish came true; I started the process of publishing my 1st book. Three years ago, I had the crazy idea of writing, Tv did not interest me, and I just wanted to do something different. I loved to read, so I decided to open my mind and see where it will take me.  I knew one day I would publish, but I didn’ know when.  I’m so grateful for everyone encouraging me on this journey. I wish I could have published Max and Megan story in one book but apparently there is a word ruling bigger the book more costly. So We decided to split it up.

Right now I’m tweaking book two, I’d hope to have this out before Christmas but not sure if that will happen, but I’m still hopeful I can get it to publishing before the end of the year.

I wish I knew how these amazing Authors, like H.M. Ward, J.Kenner, Melody Anne, Bella Andre, Lilianna Hart.. the list is long in my library but they are my favorites.  I wish I could get some insight on do’s and don’t of the business if they had mentor showing them ropes.

I’m giving myself about five years; I’m not sure if that is realistic or not, but if I can publish two books a year, I’m ahead.

I’m so grateful for the people that have purchased this book and giving me good feedback; I want honesty. Good or bad or where I need to tweak my story a little more. I’m hoping that book two will be out faster than one.

Join me on my website, for Excerpt none edited yet just a draft copy of Chapter two, who knows I just might add chapter three.  ( join me on my website, for updates coming.

Cheers Brenda


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