Week without computer


Hi all, I’m going on computer withdrawal, for one week, going to try and get inspired for a new story. What I’m working on now. Still working on Billionaire’s Forgiveness just doing an edit corrector.

Still trying to get inspired to write Josh Pierce and Lizzie St-John story, I’ve written a few chapter, but I’m at a halt to where I want to take them.

I’m brainstorming Ethan Harrison story I have a few scenario’s already, but instead of typing it on the computer, I have bought a Journal and hoping I can start his Story. Wish me luck. If anyone has any suggestion what you think may happen to Ethan send me a quick message maybe I will review and add it.

So in case you do not see a post on my blog, do worry I will update it when I can. I do have a new Twitter account so try and find me. LOL..

Oh and Don’t forget to check out my website for update www.bpearsonbooks.com





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