15 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading

1. When you were little books were your best friend


2.When you read a good book, you forget to eat or sleep


3.Your up and downs are completely dictated by the book you’re reading


4. You’ve been traumatized by things that “only” happened in books you read


5.The picture window in your wallet displays your library card instead of your driver’s license


6. Rainy Days > Sunny Days


7. This is all you think about when you picture your “dream home”


8.Walking by a closed bookstore is torture


9.Anytime you undertake any idea or project, the first step is to read a lot of books about it


10.You assume that a book can teach you anything


11.When others come to you for advice, you just give them books to read


12. The stack of books by your bed resembles the beginning of a Jenga game


13. The book is always, always, always better


14. You often have spats of, uh, “insomnia.”


15. Finishing a book you love is like losing a best friend




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