Billionaire’s Forgiveness Chapter 28 Final done.


Wow, this was the longest ever. So I split up the Chapter now Added Chapter 29, it was just too long.

Being a new writer and 1st self-published Author this world is all new to me. I did something on Saturday out of the blue. When I was shopping at the Halifax Shopping Center, I stopped at Coles bookstore.  If no one knows what Cole’s is, it’s like a Chapter’s Bookstore but smaller. So I ask how I can get a few books on the shelve.  The person in charge that manage new books was on vacation, so I left my business cards. I will follow up next week.

Well on to Chapter 30 now, it’s coming.

Oh, and my beautiful Niece Gabby is helping out on my web journey, she’s so savvy with it comes the internet.  Check out her website Sales representative for Scentsy product.


Cheers all Brenda

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