Billionaire’s Mistake Josh Pierce

I’ve open this story again I’ve written about chapter and half. I’m doing something different. I know Editor prefer talking about people in the third party.. meaning he and she.. but I’m telling Lizzie thought and Josh. Not sure how that will go..I think I’m still trying to find my voice. I’ve read some books which are written as (I). So far I have almost Eight chapters writing. I just hope I can do justice to Josh. I do not have a hot picture of Josh, yet I’m still looking I saw one of Brandon.. but I haven’t purchased it.

Well else to do on a snow day, waiting for the wind to die down so we can get the snow blower out to clear a path.

Well back to Pamela Callow -DAMAGE. I like it so far. I like a good Thriller.  You should check her out.

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