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Still, have time Review – on Facebook on my website, all I want is honesty if you have read it tell me what is missing? Feb 28 is next Tuesday Free gift card of $25 Amazon/Kobo/Itunes. Winner choice.


HI, all. Need your help – for the ones that have purchased already and read this book. Send a review on it for a chance to win $25 gift card.t Authors like is reviews. You can submit reviews on the following:

As any Authors books are view and rated by Reviews. You can submit reviews on the following:  you can click on any of the websites below by entering Billionaire’s Love by Brenda Pearson

  • Goodreads
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Itunes
  • google play
  • kobo
  • Barnes and Nobel
  • Friesen Press
  • www.Facebook/

I’m not here to judge what you say, it’s important on the rating how the book is view by you the fan’s the readers.  I’m a huge person that likes to review Authors on books that I read.

Join me on my Facebook page also or ask to join my website on I post Excerpt there on the next book so go ahead. Let your fingers do the talking write a REVIEW. I will announce the winner on February 28th.

Thank you all.

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