Morning all. Here are just a few updates that I have,

– First, when I met with the RWAC women a few weeks ago, I’m learning so much advice with them they so totally ROCK, and I’m proud to be part of these AMAZING WOMEN. I’ve reached out to EDITOR, and she’s reviewing 10 pages of my next book to see what kind of Editing I need.  Eeeek.. so siked on this.

– Second, I have a twist in the next book I think it’s going to throw everyone off.. hihihihi..

-Third, re-reading Billionaire’s Forgiveness after the last meeting with RWAC one special lady gave us to good advice, so heading back to the book to RE-VAMP it.

**Also READS FOR THE WEEKEND – Still reading Pamela Callow – Exploited Series of Kate Lange —  GUYS AND LADIES YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS SERIES OUT – Thriller Suspense Murder Damn it’s good, and it happens here in HALIFAX. WOOHOO..

**AND THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST – HM WARD – THE ARRANGEMENTS SERIES. If you have not read this Series, I highly recommend you do. The last book is coming out on March 28 it’s book 23 YUP.. 23 books that are crazy, Holly ROCKS

So have an awesome Saturday all.. and keep reading, it’s so much better than TV.



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