Tonight is about H. M. Ward in Honor of her Arrangement Series you ROCK GIRL!

As all of you may know, Holly is one of my favorite Authors. The Final of her Series The Arrangement is going Live hopefully by midnight tonight. If you have not read this Series or haven’t heard of Holly.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, She will have you laughing, crying, biting your nail if you are a nail chewer. This series was the so fun to read you just couldn’t get enough of SEAN AND AVERY… her friend Mel is crazy in a good way, I wouldn’t mind having a friend like her. I Know it’s all about promoting your own but I have to say I JUST LOVE IT and I’m sad that this will be the end. The fans have no clue what will happen in the last book we are thinking the worse, but we are hoping for the best to end right.

So don’t wait you still have time — read up she will have you hook from BOOK 1.. have an awesome night.

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