Most amazing ride ever


This has nothing to do with writing or book or characters – IT about a Car I never thought I would ever drive.  Anyone that knows me I’ve always had a thing for Audi’s. Yes, Audi!  Tonight I sit here in Edmundston, NB with a big ass grin on my Face, because I have just enjoyed the most Amazing ride ever on driving a Car. Some people love a convertible some love trucks, some love SUV.  I have always had a thing for Audi and Mini Coopers’ they are so out of my reach, but today the rent a car place, there was this A3 Audi QUATTRO available. OMG, I told the guy, I ask him how much but when he saw me grinning from ear to ear, he made me a deal on the same price on the car I wanted to rent. I swear I wanted to jump over that counter and kiss him. I felt like a little girl in a candy store. Yes, i love candy too.  The moment I put this powerful car in Drive I was in Love, yes IN-LOVE, she rides like a dream, fast and quiet and Oh man, I felt like I wanted to ride THIS AUDI, LIKE Jason Stratham. YOU know the guy in Transporter or in the last two Fast and Furious movie that guy.  My luck today is that I was cruising and I saw in the distant there was a cop, so I slowed down, that darn cop followed me for miles, and I had to keep it legal.  But once he pulls off the Highway I opened her up.. Shit she was smooth.  Bucket list checklist Audi test drive. CHECK, CHECK, AND CHECK. It’s not an R8, but it’s an Audi just the same.

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