Last year I was involved with Friesen Press for publishing my first book, I love the experience of having my dream finally coming true.  I never thought that a dream would come true. I Wrote Billionaire’s Love originally it was Billionaire’s Lost Love, the love of ready became the love to write. I’m still trying to understand the rules of writing an amazing story or characters. Friesen Press help me in ways that I never knew how a book is processed and come to print.  I want to thank them, ever thought I would want to jump on the occasion to go with them again, it’s cost money in a book is EDITING.  Without Editing what is the purpose of publishing. So this is why that Billionaire’s Forgiveness is taking longer, I’m trying to re-write it again this is only the third time I’m doing this.

With a little criticism from Editor, that’s ok you need this when you are writing.  They are there to make you better, I’m hoping to find someone that will work with me.

But in the meantime, I’m working hard to get this out, I’m a beginner in the world of writing, but I’m learning.  You can visit my website;


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