Sunday where normally people relax right? LOL


Ok so here update, Billionaire’s Forgiveness.

  • One damn hard to feel the emotions of every character and what they are feeling
  • I’ve removed lots and lots of word from Chapter one, that one is under review
  • Finished Chapter Two, but I think I’m getting the getting it now before I was telling the Story and I hope I’m Living the Storie
  • My Best writing comes with I read Bella Andre book, why I do not know she just brings something out of me.
  •  Liliana Hart for the action parts, (Love her by the way her books are must read everyone.
  • This morning heading out for a round of golf, dressing warm, do not want to freeze my ass off.  Gets me thinking when I play, so hope the best I come back and can write Chapter 3 and Maybe 4.

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