Music and Romance got to love it?

Last year, I heard this country Singer Brett Young, 1st song playing ON CMT – Can’t sleep without You.  I like unique voices that you do not hear every day.  Although I was never a country song kind of girl. I grew up liking Supertramp, Kiss, Journey, Rick Springfield, Michael Jackson, yes Abba also and the list goes on. I love all kinds of music, well except heavy metal, never was into that kind of music but to each their own. Even though I still love all types of music, I have my favorites.  Sometimes without knowing a voice catches my attention and I just close my eyes and know I will like this artist.  I fell in Love with Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, to me they have unique voices and know them as soon as they are on the radio.  But the thing is that when I heard Brett Young song IN Case you didn’t know. I fell in love with it instantly.  I was writing about Lizzie and Josh, which I still writing about, but all my Alpa Male characters can sing. When I heard this song at some point, I decided that I have to make Josh sign this song to Lizzie. I can feel it in my bones that she will cry all over this song. It’s about a man that loves a woman, and it’s so touching.  Anyway, I just love it maybe I’m a sappy person and just love a good romance song.  Here is the link;  let me know what you think. Oh and he’s kind of cute too loves the Tattoos.

In Case You Didn’t KnowBrett Young · 2017


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