Dogs! I have one, she’s a Chocolate lab.


There is nothing worse than being insulted early in the morning by some stranger walking her dogs.

This lovely dog is Molly, she two years old, playful, love to mingle with other dogs and love affection and play around.  But Molly is pig-headed, yes, I said it. We have 2 acres of property, and it’s hers right, but when she sees other dogs walking the street, it’s like all her brain cell go numb, and she makes a beeline to the road and wants to greet the other dogs and play with them, or just say Hello. No matter how much I say the command “Come Molly” she will not listen, or “stay” she doesn’t care she just wants to see the new dogs in the area and just say hello.

She friendly and wouldn’t hurt anyone, but when a lady is walking by with a pack of dog I tried to stop Molly but she was faster than I and couldn’t – so I took out of the leash and assessed the matter to bring her back. So I call her again Come Molly, and she came to me once she seen the dog and do what dogs do, but still her does were barking and they were more out of control than my Molly.

Words hurt people, and it’s hurt your pride because you are doing the best job possible to make sure this dog has a home and love. I know I shouldn’t be writing this, but I’m angry dammit, Yes, Molly should have stayed on the property and not run out to the road, but being yelled at saying that my dog poorly trained and that I should have more control over her, it proves that she never had a Lab before. Anyway this just hurts.

( sorry I notice that I never sent this out in July and it’ was still lingering in my draft box, and I just wanted to share this.)


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