At Last … done…Billionaire’s Forgiveness re-write


When I first started this story, I know Max and Megan, was a big book, so I had to split it up. From the moment I wrote it in 2013.. the 1st book came out in 2016. I cannot believe it been over a year…  The problem was I wanted to finish their story in two books… After the final re-write 4th which I might add. I believe it’s ready… I had to cut this storyline down from 134000 words to at least 90000 words.. and I have done that now.  My Aunt is doing some proofreading for me, just to make sure that  I’m staying with the storyline and fixing few errors along the way… I was hoping to get it out last night but decided to take the weekend for minor adjustments, to make sure that is what I want in the story, and to give an excerpt from Billionaire’s Rescue… Brandon Story.  Now I have to find it on the flash drive. minor details right. anyway, it’s done… woohoo.

oh, I’m still looking for EDITOR TO work directly with me… if anyone knows anyone.




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