Snowing, it’s finally here, yes N.S. we have snow

HI all, I know this may sound crazy, but I like it when there is snow on the ground.  It wouldn’t be winter without a little snow… don’t you think… I know…  I know. N.S. doesn’t get it like the other provinces.  Well, let’s not forget, about the dump we have a few years ago back to back snow storms,  oh and White Juan, now that was crazy.  I wouldn’t forget about Quebec, but they also get some crazy cold weather there…GRRR.. spend Christmas in Quebec, damn it was cold.  Same as  Ontario, and New Brunswick… Oh, and I cannot forget about our friends in Newfoundland… because well they normally get more than anyone else… sorry guys… but it’s true.  I don’t mind it so much, but it has to be moderate because let’s face it, winter wouldn’t be winter without snow.

So tell me what do you think, do you like winter when it’s snowing?


do you hate it?

Go ahead let’s be honest here… you have to have snow right?

Below is my precious Molly last year enjoying the day outside in the snow.



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