Saturday night – what are you doing?

I – Well I cannot believe it, I’ve finished the re-write and review – when the editing came back – I didn’t rush it this time.  I read, chapter by chapter to make sure – my vision for this book was still there.  I’ve removed so much from this book. I’ve removed over 50000 words. That is a lot of words, and this was before Editing. They had decreased it about 5500 more.  When it came back to me – it was just before 72000 words. I must say, when I started to read the clean version, I noticed that some of it didn’t make sense, so I had to re-write specific paragraph. I’m pleased with what I’ve done, and I hope you will all enjoy it once it comes to print. Final count now is 75969, about 149 pages we are talking word document, not print.

I’m still in search for Editor that will work with me and guide me into the next book.   So if you know of anyone, please email me. you can reach me through my website.

I can honestly say now … I can do this.





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