So What are you doing this Saturday night?

I for one, working on Billionaire’s Mistake, I want this small novella to come out this year. I only have a few more chapters to write I know where I’m going, but I just need to get there.

Derek is watching the Bruins, still hoping they will score…yeah he’s a Boston fan.

Molly is snoring away, on the sofa beside Derek.  I try, just finished the last chapter I wrote on Billionaire’s Mistake, damn it was hot writing this, I miss the write-ins with the girls from RWAC.   Doesn’t feel like it wants to write the next chapter… so I decided that I will pull out my Ipad and read next JJ Graves, Liliana Hart just release a new book.

Have a good Saturday night all  – unless I can get this sexy man to read me, JJ Graves… No, I’m not drinking…. LOL…



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