Thank you – to Katie Hart and her team from Fitpup


Hi all –

For almost two years, my Molly, our crazy Chocolate lab, when she was only seven months old, she needed the exercise that we couldn’t always give her.  That is when Katie, Jo, and Julianna from Fitpup came in, let’s just say it was the best decision we did for our Dog.

Molly fell in love with Jo, for the 1st year, Molly ran the trails, hiked the hill, with Jo, Grizzly, Keji, and sometimes her friend Allie.  There is a great picture that Jo, took for us one of them being – 3 labs – Allie how was 8- Grizzly who was 4, and Miss MollyMoe, as Jo would call her.  It was sad when Jo had left back to her love of the hills in Scotland, and Molly just missed her, every time she would see a Jeep she would jump on the window to check if it was her. Molly missed her so much.  Thank you, Jo, for taking so good care or our Molly, she just loves to run and hike with you.

Katie and Julianna took over when Jo left, and she didn’t miss her daily activities and her friends. She would call Shotgun because Miss Molly like the front seat most of the time if it was free, Things are changing again and congrats to Julianna on her new Job, and Congrats to Katie for giving birth to a beautiful girl.  With that being said, Katie had to let Molly go but did give me a reference for someone to replace her with.  I meet with Sheena, and I think there are going to be a good fit. Thanks Katie for the recommendation, I know it must have been hard.

I just want to thank you, ladies, for taking so good care of Molly these last two years, you will all be missed sincerely, I’m sure Molly will see her friends on the trail again.  I want to thank all of you from my heart for taking such good care of Molly. I will miss you and Molly will miss you too

Cheers Brenda

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