Dreaming – what is your strangest dream you ever had. Did it make sense to you.

Tell me your dream?

When my mind wonders at night, I have these strange dreams. An example you say?

One night I dreamt that I was running, but not just running for fun. Oh no, that would be brutal on my knees… lol … anyway, these bad guys were running after me, and I knew I had to get away or I would be toast.  They were scary bad guys, and I cannot say why they were after me, but I was in the middle of nowhere, running on a cliff,  and my only escape, was to jump off the cliff into the water below.  Yeah, I was scared, and I had to do something, but I saw a man below calling me, jump Brenda, I’ll catch you, I promise. Let’s say I looked behind me and those two bad guys were screaming at him… THERE’S NO ESCAPE,  I looked down, and that guy was still there calling me, to jump, in his open arms, saying you’re safe.  I swear I think I did jump off the cliff and the next thing I knew I was at a cafe, with a stranger I didn’t know, was it the same man calling me to jump I couldn’t remember – he honestly looked like The Rock…  Handsome, even though my heart was racing so fast, I keep looking over my shoulders, because I knew they were still coming for me, even though the stranger told me I was safe, then when I looked forward that man was gone.  I woke up with a jolt as if someone touched me.  I panic of course as I stood up in bed and I looked to my side as I heard Derek sleeping beside me. True dream.

What about you do you remember what you dream about

I dream of money sometimes too. lol



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