Sunday! Hope everyone enjoyed it.

1st like to thank my mom for visiting us, in Halifax these last two week. Never had a laundry basket completely empty before.. LOL.

2nd Sorry I missed the RWAC meeting today, but it was for a good reason.

3rd – Let me just say, if there is an author I genuinely look up too it’s Holly M. Ward or as everyone should know her H.M.Ward. I in the process of reviewing the formatting of my book which came back on Friday.  Not sure if anyone knows this, but I do not watch TV that much, so reading is my escape,  Holly books are different,  I needed something to take me away to change my mind on what I was reading. So I started to reread Damaged;  let me say, I haven’t read this book for over 2 years I think that is when it came out.  I just fell in Love with Peter Ferro all over again, Damage is about two people that find each other, in the most remote place. Blind date beware…LOL. Sidney accidentally thinks that this stranger is her blind date, and sit down and starts up a conversation with him. If you never read Damaged I strongly suggest this – you will laugh, cry, and its the most heartwarming story.  Sidney at ease talking to this stranger which is Peter Granz, he makes her forget that not everyone is cruel.  So if you need a good story to read download it your heart will just ache for these two Characters.  Thank you, Holly, your encouragement means so much to me, and I hope that one day I will have the honor to meet you. You Rock Girl.



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