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Monday, April 16, 2018

Open Book – Billionaire’s Love

Today we are opening the book pages of Billionaire’s Love by talented author, Brenda Pearson. Brenda is sharing the inside scoop on her contemporary, adult fiction romance. Between the pages of this spicy story you’ll find business, love affairs, friendship, and suspense.

Billionaire’s Love was published in August 2016 by Friesen Press, and Brenda said the title was originally called Billionaire’s Lost Love, but before Brenda signed off on the final publication, she changed it to Billionaire’s Love. “After all it’s about a billionaire falling in love,” Brenda said.

The inspiration behind this story was created from Brenda’s love to read. “One night there was just nothing on TV that caught my interest. So I just started to write, the next thing I knew I had written three chapters,” she said. “The first part was easy, but making it interesting took me about rewriting it five times.”

The theme of the story is love at first sight. “Even though they don’t continue the romance once the met,” Brenda explained. “Three years later the attraction is still there and more intense, but Megan doesn’t make it easy for Max.”

Billionaire’s Love takes place on the West Island of Montreal, Quebec. Brenda based the setting around cities of the West Island. “I cannot say one town in particular because the West Island of Montreal is vast, big,” Brenda said. “The area has easy access to highways and places that are close by. It was good setting to have what I needed for a Corporation.” Brenda added that it’s an area she knows well. “I worked there also,” she said. “So, I based everything on the buildings I saw and I could imagine what they looked like inside. I have a vivid imagination, and places I like seeing.” Brenda pictured Max in a specific building along highway 13. “Kirkland has many prestigious homes. Max has his home, and Megan condo, at the end of the Dollar des Ormeaux area that I once visited. So it was easy for me to make up a setting I knew I could picture my characters in.”

“And why not live in the West Island,” Brenda said. “Today you have everything you can imagine there. You don’t have to go to downtown Montreal. Don’t get me wrong, Old Montreal is as beautiful as it was many years ago,” she added. “Restaurants, shopping, excursion, walking, biking, transit and metro easy access from east to the west.”

In Billionaire’s Love you’ll meet Max Pierce, Billionaire, CEO. “Max is a business tycoon that everything he touches turns to gold,” Brenda said. “His arrogance in business made him who he his. He likes control in all he does, even his women.” That is, until he meets Megan Harrison. Megan Harrison is the youngest of four children and works for Harrison Construction family own business. “She cares about her family and friends, and she would do anything to help someone out,” Brenda said. “She’s kind, sweet and loving. But working in Construction for her brother, she had to learn fast how to work in a man’s world. She would go head to head with any man, and wouldn’t back down. She learned fast how being nice didn’t work in the corporate world.”

Max and Megan want to love each other again. But first there are things they need to resolve. “Billionaire’s Love is book one,” Brenda explained. “The conclusion of Max and Megan continues in Billionaire’s Forgiveness.”

Let’s find out more about the cast in Billionaire’s Love. There’s Max’s brothers, Josh and Brandon. You see more of Josh in book one. “Josh’s character knows how sweet Megan is and he has no issue going head-to-head with his brother when he believes he’s gone too far,” Brenda said. Then we have Lizzie St. John who is Megan’s best friend. “She’s confident, and has a kinky style with a do-not-give-a-shit attitude. Lizzie has secrets and trust issues, but it’s her kindness to Megan that will have her go to bat with any man if they hurt her friend.”

Being a corporate tycoon, Max has enemies. He buys building and companies, so when deals go wrong, people want revenge on the man that cripple their company. “There are villains in this book, but near the end. They really come out in book two, Billionaire’s Forgiveness,” Brenda said.

Brenda explained the key elements in Billionaire’s Love are second chances, friendship, and true love. “I want readers to believe in love at first sight. That having a connection with someone is so powerful you cannot explain it.”

Billionaire’s Love is the first book in this series. The conclusion of Max and Megan’s story continues in Billionaire’s Forgiveness, expected in May 2018.

Here’s a teaser of Billionaire’s Love:

Megan Harrison has already been burned once by billionaire Max Pierce. Burned badly. He was her first true love, and she’d given him everything she had to offer. She’d thought he loved her too – that is, until he ended their relationship by leaving her a casual note “wishing her well”. Now, after three years of licking her wounds, Megan finds herself unavoidably thrown into daily contact with Max when he enters into her professional life. 

But this time, things are different. No longer a naïve university student who believes in true love, Megan is in the driver’s seat. Despite Max’s protestations that leaving her was a mistake and that he is a changed man, Megan knows better. Max might seem to have everything else – power, success, looks – but he can’t have her. No matter how much he says he loves her, no matter how much he is there for her, she can’t let history repeat itself. Or can she?


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