Tuesday Hope everyone is having a good night.

So how did every one day go today?  mine pretty quiet but wish I was doing something else… did you ever decide to say Fuck it, and go with the flow and do whatever makes you happy.  (Me, I would be on a boat somewhere far away, with my laptop and dog, and man.)  Yup.. a dream. – Because my man would not live on a boat, cottage yes, but not boat. lol.

But reality kicks in and well you need your job, you need to pay bills, you need,  you need .. and need .. and well needs so many things…LOL… I’m a dreamer – always was.  So here is my dream – I’m wishing that in five years I can retire and enjoy doing what I like, which is WRITING, but nothing is free these days huh… everything you do in life cost money, so guess what .. you have to work… yup… work your ass off to make sure your dream come true.. Still hoping for that five-year plan Derek. ..lol

Now, my family might read this and say… what is she drinking,  my sister must be drunk for sure because this is so out of character for me but hey… I just wanted to say something totally out of character.. lol…

anyway have a good night all, cuddling up now to J.S. Scott book Players.. cheers all

I want to be on that boat.



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