The weekend​ where did it go?

Wow, I cannot believe it’s already Sunday.  1st I like to thank the workshop from RWAC ladies on Saturday.  Michelle, Nancy and everyone in the Exec. thanks for putting together an amazing workshop.  Even though I do not talk must, I listen and sponged in the information people was giving.  Beth your encouragement about my book signing our you see it even though I’m nervous about it – calm me.  This is why I adore these Ladies they encourage you and help you and give you hope to never give up.

Sunday, well – decking was on the brain – we are half way there, slow going but it’s getting done.

Today I meet up with Heather from Woofin’It – she will be taking Miss Molly on dogging Adventure, I hope this works out.  One of the main reason is that Molly will be reunited with Gizzy… her old pal when she used to be with Jo-from Fit PUP… They say that dogs do not have a sense of time, So I’m excited that she will be reunited with her beastie Grizzly. They were so good together. I’m still not giving up The Dog Company because I know she has a blast when she’s there.

Anyway, hope everyone has an amazing week, And I will keep you posted on the Signing,  meeting Sue from Dartmouth Book Exchange on Friday.



P.S. this is so me… LOL


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