So how was your Saturday?​

Halifax was gloomy all day today, foggy, showers, but that didn’t stop us. NOPE, Went shopping at IKEA, without Derek of course because he just hates that store, I knew what I wanted so I was in and out in less than 1 hour. YUP! you heard me 1 hour.  1st I bought a shoe holder cabinet, love it by the way garage now looks clean.  Tomorrow  I will attempt to build the shelving that I got for the office.

Went to see MAMA MIA 2 movie, of course, Loved it! Mom did too,

Friends stop by to give me a bottle a wine, I’m keeping it for a special night of writing, may have the sex scene in my books a little racier don’t you think. LOL.

So to all my friends, I wish you all a very good night. Early start tomorrow playing a round of golf at 7:18, there should be a law that the day does not start till 8am on Sunday.





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