Billionaire’s Love

HI all,

Writing to everyone because as of August 3rd, 2018, Billionaire’s Love on Paperback and Hardcopy, will no longer be available for purchase on Amazon, Chapter Indigo, Friesen Press or Barnes and Noble.  I’m only talking about print copies. I’ve decided not to renew my Contract for Print copies.

But don’t worry Epub books will still be available on all Major outlet.

Amazon – Itunes- Nook- Google Play- Kobo and Friesen Press store.  click on bookstore and it will bring you to the links required

Don’t worry if you still want a copy I will have some till supplies last.  I just thought you all would like to know.

If you want to meet and greet I will be at Dartmouth Book Exchange on August 11, 2018, between 13:00-16:00 and will have some copies for sales.

On that special day, you will be able to purchase both for $30.

Hope everyone is having a good night.





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