Weekend Where did it go?

I cannot believe that it’s already Sunday night. Sorry I haven’t been blogging this weekend but here it is

DID YOU KNOW THAT H.M. WARD THE ARRANGEMENT SERIES IS LIVE NOW. Yes, Sean and Avery are back for one more book THE ARRANGEMENT 24 – here is the think you can download it on AMAZON ONLY Kindle unlimited exclusive.  Don’t worry everyone can still get it even if you have an Android or Apple product just download the APP.

So head on over to Amazon and if you have not read THE ARRANGEMENTS SERIES. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.  H.M. WARD – ROCKS! you will fall in love with this series, and Damage and all of the FERRO’S

Weekend, what did I do, I travel to Fredericton, NB to see my Lovely sister-in-law and my brother, Ethan pop in at least I was able to see him and get a hug from him.  My Niece Gabrielle which I adore and she showed me around the new store. IF YOU LIVE IN FREDERICTON CHECK OUT  Amazon Pool and Spa, if you want amazing series they are the ones to call.

Don’t forget also – I WILL BE AT DARTMOUTH BOOK EXCHANGE ON AUGUST 11, share it I will have tons of books for sale.

Enjoy your Sunday night and tomorrow … well, I’m not talking about tomorrow yet, because it’s hasn’t arrived.




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