Billionaire’s Mistake, blurb! What do you think?​ Honest opinions if it stinks​, it’s ok I will go back to the drawing board or writing board…lol

Hi all – – – I feel that this is missing something and I’ve been wracking my head on the table trying to figure out what is missing. – Below is what I what for my back cover – A friend of mine re-wrote it, but I need to know if it’s good.
Lizzie St. John owned St John Indulge Spa, so when the owner of the building threatens to sell the establishment of her business.  Relocating was out of the question, the owner gave her just seven days to come up with an excessively large amount of money required to purchase it.   She doesn’t hesitate she calls every favor she can imagine, starting with her best friends husband Max Pierce.  Even though her true desire would be Josh Pierce, Max’s younger brother.  However, her feelings for Josh go deep, could she trust him.  So when one night of passion, to escapes all she is going through, she lets her guard down for one night.  Josh is her weakness, could she let go of the past and trust him again, or would she turn away and never look back. Could she give him a second chance? 

Billionaire Josh Pierce could have any woman he wanted except the one that he cannot stop thinking about, Lizzie St. John.  He knew Lizzie didn’t trust easily, he tried to explain what happened that night but she shut him down. Until that one night of passion, the share and finally let go, Josh knew there was no going back, and would do anything and everything in his power to make her happy.   So when he found out that someone was threatening her, he took matters into his own hands, would it be a mistake for not telling her. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect her, to keep her safe, even it if meant losing her in the end or would he?


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