Billionaire’s Mistake Blurb

Hi all – I’ve been working for couple weeks now to write the back cover Blurb, for Billionaire’s Mistake – I’ve been toying around – So tell me what you think about this. Does it sound interesting?

When Billionaire Josh Pierce wanted something or someone, there is nothing that will stop him till he processed it. But when one sexy as sin, blond with the most beautiful smile and set of eyes he would do anything for. This woman hunted him, and his desire for her was intoxicating.  Lizzie St. John would turn him down flat, but for good reason, she didn’t trust him. When he found out that Lizzie was going to his bigger brother for help, he would do everything in his power to make sure that the one woman that he truly cared for would be happy.  But when one night of too much drinking chanced everything – the passion they once had was still burning, this woman belongs to him and he protected the people close to him.  So when he found out that someone was threatening her, he took matters into his own hands, would it be a mistake for not telling her. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect her, to keep her safe, even it if meant losing her in the end or would he?

When one night of passion, to escape her troubled life, Josh Pierce was Lizzie St. John weakness. She knew from the moment he touched her that there was no turning back. One night to escape, all her troubles. To finally break away, to fall in the arms of the man, she craved for so long. Could she give him a second chance, to finally open her heart and trust him again?


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