WOW,​ what a weekend?

I cannot believe that we are Sunday night.  – Where did the Weekend Go?.

Friday night Derek and I went to the Speedworld track — HOLY SHIT that was awesome I’ve never been there – but I know I would have loved getting inside those cars and going around the track. I think I would have kick ass!  Or killed myself whatever came first – Thanks Todd Seward for including us.


  • 1st I would like to thank everyone that came to WOTS – people that love books are so warm and friendly.
  • To President, Nikki fro RWAC great job on the Booth.
  • To Michelle Helliwell, Deborah Hale, and Cathryn Fox – what a great presentation thank you, ladies.


HUGE THANKS TO; Nicola R White – for setting me up on the Epub accounts (AMAZON- ITUNES- KOBO- BN)

I WILL have my official date soon — NOVEMBER 10th – FOR BILLIONAIRE’S MISTAKE I SHOULD HAVE EVERYTHING SET UP by next week for PRE-ORDER. Holy Shit this is coming fast.

So enjoy your evening all hope yours was as amazing as mine.



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