When I first started to write I never knew how much work goes into writing.  Damn, it’s a lot of work, and honestly, it would be a day job in itself.  If I had the choice I would love to do it daily, but it cost money, I’M NOT going to lie, that is why I have two jobs. My day job and Writing.  But you learn as you go and you realized that there are ways to cut cost.   Nicole R White what an amazing young lady she is. I think I’m going to adopt her as my daughter. LOL..  well she could be. Anyway thank you, Nicole, for all your advice and helping me to publish my 1st official Novella I had a goal and I wanted this to be out for November.  Which Billionaire’s Mistake will be out November 10th.  To Jaycee at Sweet N Spicy Design, for your formatting and cover, you rock girl, thank you for helping me out on the download and formatting to getting everything right with all the EPUB.  Ladies from the RWAC your insight are so amazing how everyone is just so friendly and willing to help.

Now I can focus on my Next book in the Series on writing it.

H.M Ward, I cannot forget about you, your courses are helping me refocus on my manuscript and your marketing on social media seem to be working.  thanks Holly one day we will meet I know it.

so just a big, big thank you for everyone. BIG KISS TO ALL AND HUGS


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