Happy Friday all – Bonus on Billionaire’s Forgiveness


Maggie Harrison was Megan’s older sister, but not the eldest of the Harrison family. It was midnight when she was just about to pull the covers over herself and shut off the light for a good night’s sleep. When the phone rang, she looked at it and sighed. She didn’t want to answer it but at the last minute, she did. “Joe, this better be good, I’m just about to go to bed.” She was a little irate. She listened to him as he barked out orders, telling her to get to the hospital. “Im on may way.” She jumped out of bed and grabbed the first pair of sweatpants she found and a sweater. Her heart raced. This can’t be happening again. She thought as she rushed through the condo. “Where are my damn keys?”

Maggie ran down the stairs two at a time, hoping that she wouldn’t fall in the process. She rushed out the door and came to a stop when she saw her brother Ethan pulling up in front of her. She was relieved that she didn’t have to drive. She ran to the truck and slid in the passenger seat.

“Jesus Ethan, why does this keep happening to our family? What happened?” She leaned her head back on the headrest and couldn’t help the old feeling coming back. The pain of losing a family member haunted her. She couldn’t lose her sister; she had to believe she would be okay.

Ethan looked at her from the corner of his eye. “Not sure. All Joe said was that she was attacked and Max found her unconscious. She lost a lot of blood, Mags. That is all I know, Joe said to wait at the hospital until he got there.” Ethan took Maggie’s hand and squeezed it in comfort. “Our sister will be okay. We need to believe it.” Ethan drove as fast as he could. thank god traffic was minimal at this time of night.

She hoped Megan was alright. Maggie heard Ethan say that everything would be okay, but would it? After losing her parents in a car accident nine months ago, her brothers and sister were all she had.

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