Poetry attempt

Hi all, I’ve never wrote poetry, so I was thinking about one of my character. She fell in love with someone against all odds. Yet, she’s stuck in a marriage, that has no passion, she finds it with someone that also feel the same way. They are from different worlds, they could never be together, or could they. this is what I wrote.

Wanting his touch – but cannot have it. Wanting his lips – but cannot have it. Wanting his holds – but cannot have it. Wanting his smiles- but cannot see it. Wanting his words – but cannot hear it.

The love for ones heart could only be written in words. No matter how far or how long ones soul apart, they find they’re missing half. Years apart will recognized each others missing hearts and soul. No matter how young or how old it was meant to be.

Our love, belongs to someone else. Our touches, belong to someone else. Those lips for kisses, belong to someone else. All we have is the promise of words as we ache for each others embrace.

But knowing our hearts belong to each other, is only what we could wish for to be real.

Wishing is not the passion of living. Wanted to live in passion as meaning that the hearts want. Sadly we choose a safe path, but safe is unhappiness, and loneliness. Yet you want to live in passion and love or be loved.

But we live in loneliness, because we cannot give what the heart wants. We suffer the pain of deception, because the only thing you truly want is knowing you could never have it. “You”

So that is it, I have no idea if it’s any good, but two strangers found each other by fluke, yet they cannot be together. I don’t know if I will ever use it but who knows maybe if the time is right



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