Good afternoon everyone. This morning I woke up and realized it was a dream. Haha well not waking up but my dream.

You see for over a year now I’m thinking more and more about retirement. Last night I had a dream. Stupid actually but sometimes I wonder if my dream is trying to tell me something. One of the bosses from the company I work for told me that I had been warned to stop playing with the thermostat. I laughed at that and he say if I did it one more time I be on suspension. Honestly I told him check your facts before blaming someone. Which I didn’t of course. And told him if that was his final say. He said, then told him, I would see him in court. And walked out.

Now I know that this was a dream, but what is this dream telling me. That I don’t know maybe I want to give up but I’m scared of not having a job.

Insecurities are real, with the cost of living going up all the time. You wonder will we ever be ok on retirement. I’ve saved but will it be enough.

That is what questions, we live according to our life style. Sometimes we can be expensive and sometimes we are impulsive and don’t think and spend more than we should. No matter what having a home is the most expensive purchase you will ever have. If your lucky it’s new if not you buy older home. But the problem is that the older the home things start to break or your upgrading to keep up with the new.

So this all comes back to cost even if you retire. Can you still live the way you’re use too. Or you start cutting now and hope when it comes time for retirement your ready.

I want to retire, but I’m scared shitless I will struggle not having a job and only having my saving and government pension. That is where the government will hit you the most. Why do they give people that worked all their lives a break. I see seniors some struggle and some don’t. Why is that? That is what I’m most afraid of not having the means to live a happy retirement.

Anyway. This is only my thoughts for today and I would love to hear from everyone what do you think.

Cheers and hugs


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