Friday how I love Thee

My father told me that the older you get time goes faster. Now think about that for a minute.

It’s true isn’t it? When we are in our teen we can’t wait to be 18, back then it’s was drinking age. Haha yes, I said it the old days. Haha

High school was fun we would get away with lots. We didn’t have cell phone. Omg … Late 70 early 80 was high school for me. Then we graduated. I feel that I started late in life. I only was introduced to alcohol at 19. Yes, I know late right. But I had responsibilities I had my two younger brothers to take care off. They might not know it but I never wanted nothing to happen to them. My dad left on Sunday night and came back home on Friday nights. My parents were divorced. People might have judged us but they never voice it. We lived in a great neighbourhoods where everyone watch over everyone.

Then came my 20. Those went by in a blur I was finding myself. Working drinking more drinking more working. It was a survival mode for me in my 20 and it flew by. My best friend sometimes worried about me but I got through it.

Next my 30 see where I’m going here. Time does goes by fast the 1st 5 years in my 30 I was still trying to find out who I was. Boyfriends. Mmm that would be the most boring story of my life. Haha kidding. I loved to have fun laughing was always part of me even when it was so enjoyable. I found humour in everything.

Then I met Derek he was an old soul at my young at heart soul. Where I was adventurous he was quieter more responsible. We’ve moved around a lot travelled some. Going on 22 year come January with this man the journey has been fun and I wouldn’t change it.

So you see the picture here times does go by fast. Embrace what you have learn from your mistakes and move on. Appreciate your family your friend because time is precious. Say I love you when you really do and not because you have to. Most of all hug someone it’s crazy how one hug can make everything right again.

So the moral of this Friday’s post is be Thankful on this Thanksgiving weekend. If you can be with your family don’t just text but call see how they are doing. Don’t be afraid to say those 3 little words it could me a lot to someone without knowing it. Love you all and thanks for the being you. You are beautiful.

Happy Friday all and have a blessed weekend. Happy Thanksgiving Canada 🇨🇦



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