The hardest thing is heading back to work after weeks vacation.

It has been an emotional one you might say. Growing old is not easy. I’m not sure about all of you but for me it makes me pounder in what my future holds. This week my brothers and sister pulled together as a family. Especially Frank and I. I thank you Frank for taking some time off as we helped our dad. We didn’t hesitate we just did it. I love my dad and he was admitted into hospital for Covid. God watched over him and he pulled through.

I was told that the odds of elderly being release from hospital once they are over 80 would be slim. My dad is strong and he taught this deceased. He really takes a told on your well-being. Being isolated for 10 days with no outside contact is tough for elderly so please make sure they know that you care. Have them lean on you for strength. Family is the most important thing,

I’ve might have said this a few times now three little words. I Love You. Goes a long way to the people you care about especially your mom and dad. Some might have a hard time saying it and trust me I know. We never said those words growing up that I can remember anyway. Now that I’m older it’s becoming much easier to some yet still working on others. Working progress. Yes there are things from the past that you might never forget that someone you loved hurt you. But you need to leave it there and move on. Forgiveness can be hard.

We all must live and hope for a better future for yourself. Believe in your faith, I’ve reached out and ask God to protect the people I love every night . Knowing he will look after them.

On another note I haven’t edited anything on my next manuscript but I’m hoping I will start again this week.

With that. Have a rocking Monday be safe and most of all tell someone today how much you care. Who knows that just might but a smile on that person face .

Hugs all


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