Do you ever wonder how you do it?

What I mean exactly is I feel like I’m being pulled in every direction. I like structure I like knowing what needs to be done in a course of a day.

These last 3 years or maybe 4 it’s gotten worse. I feel that everyday I’m going 200 miles per hour and I still cannot get everything done. And I’m not even driving that fast car. I wish I could. Haha because I do love the thrill of fast car.

But let’s be honest I’m exhausted most time the things I used to love are set aside and forgotten. Could this be part of depression god I hope not as I try to stay sane well in my head anyway. But the problem is that my brain doesn’t shut down as I cannot seem to relax.

Worrying about how to manage everything. There is a saying on my board almost hiding now with clutter in front of it.

-Anything is possible, believe you can, believe in you. I’ve got this. I will overcome anything.

-I allowed myself to make mistakes

-I’m free to create the life I desire?

– Negative thought’s only have the power if you allow them

– my happiness is not determined by others I have the power to create change.

These thoughts are in my office and I seem to have forgotten about them. Why! Is the question that I tell myself that I don’t follow them

So why is it that I feel like I’m going in deeper into the rabbit hole without sunshine. Haha I think I need to get 2 hours massage to remove the stress building on my shoulder. Damn that would feel good. It seems that laughter was always my motto. I don’t seem to laugh as much anymore. Work and life always gets in my way. I wish I could say F….it but I can’t.

Well these are my thoughts. The sane part of me said that I will over come. Because I’m strong enough to get everything done.

Happy Tuesday all



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