First I want to wish everyone a rocking 2023. I know I’m late saying this.

It’s been a crazy last two weeks as we were travelling. When finally got back home I was to exhausted to do anything. Even the dog sleep for two days.

Must say this Molly my chocolate lab rocks. As we moved from place to place and everyone was so kind to our dog. I have the best people in my life. Molly was introduced to two cats which I was afraid she might attack. But she didn’t she didn’t care about them. Well eyed them but that was about it.

I have a few thing moving around in my head this year. Lot of personal stuff but I’m not giving up on the writing. I cannot say that I publish again but I’m not stopping telling my stories.

So here is to the best of 2023 let this year be the ones that takes you anywhere you want to be or go. Never give up. Be positive. Tell people you love them. Hug someone it’s the best thing in the world when you mean it.

Be passionate about what you do. Be healthy and strong and give the strength to someone that needs that boost.

Cheers all

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